Case Study

Financial reporting application provides self-service and real-time access to AWS services

ASX-listed property group simplifies their use of AWS services and speeds up the financial reporting process.
Leading commercial property management company that owns and actively manages a $26+ billion portfolio of high-quality Australian real estate, including offices, logistics and retail assets.
With AWS + OutSystems + PhoenixDX, you simplify the use of AWS Services and fully realise your digital ambitions by building, running and scaling apps at speed

The Challenge

The company needed to report key financial information regularly to the ASX, with data generated and processed in different financial systems across the group. Accessing and reconciling data for financial reporting relied on manual processes and data transfer between systems that were slow and error-prone, posing a risk to data integrity.

TRACE: Application provides self-service and real-time access to AWS services

As part of a larger program to automate and improve this process, the company automated transactions within and between these various financial systems using AWS services. However, business users had to rely on IT support to execute and monitor processes in AWS, causing delays in the financial reporting process.

The Solution

The TRACE application allows users to initiate, monitor and report on AWS services in real-time, without requiring IT support. Via dashboards users can view the progress of tasks and identify errors, allowing them to self-serve to rectify issues.


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