DX Accelerators

Don’t start from scratch, use our pre-built components to deliver business solutions faster

Accelerate and enhance your OutSystems solutions.

Why reinvent the wheel? Use DX Accelerators to speed up the delivery of your OutSystems solutions. You don’t need to build dynamic forms and surveys, user account management functionalities and auditing components, as we’ve already done that for you. Our components are supported by SecDevOps and are in use in large organisations.

DX Forms

Manage forms with a comprehensive set of functionalities that meet most business needs, without writing a single line of code.


Manage user accounts within a complex enterprise apps landscape via a centralised management portal.

Track and audit relevant security events using a comprehensive library of widgets that can be used in web and mobile apps.​

DX Feature Flags

Product managers can use a powerful management console to plan the launch of new product features.

Accelerate the development of file ingestion functionalities in web and mobile apps with this set of multiple cloud data storage services and UI widgets.

This framework speeds up the implementation of complex file processing logic when loading data from spreadsheets that need to be checked against complex business rules.

Provide your businesses with flexible, robust and secure authentication services. With multi-identity provider authentication, your apps can validate user credentials quickly in Azure AD and SAP services. Support complex authentication scenarios against SAP services and Azure AD B2C authentication flow.

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