Unlock rapid innovation and boost your digital capability

With AWS + OutSystems + PhoenixDX, you simplify the use of AWS Services and fully realise your digital ambitions by building, running and scaling apps at speed

Unlock rapid innovation and boost your digital capability

With AWS + OutSystems + PhoenixDX, you simplify the use of AWS Services and fully realise your digital ambitions by building, running and scaling apps at speed

Scale rapidly while reducing infrastructure costs

Speed up your digital delivery with cutting-edge technology

Future-proof your technological ecosystem

Innovate with flexibility, agility and resilience

Scale rapidly while reducing infrastructure costs​

Combining OutSystems with AWS allows you to significantly reduce the time, resources, and cost of managing infrastructure and upgrading hardware and software. Ensure your apps are enterprise-grade, technical debt-free, and cloud-ready.

Speed up your digital delivery with cutting-edge technology

Cloud technologies are a critical part of any organisation’s digital transformation journey. The OutSystems platform enables organisations to deliver modern applications in the cloud, ensuring scalability, resilience, security, and flexibility at each step of the software development lifecycle.

Future-proof your technological ecosystem

To ensure your applications are future-proof, there is no better combination than OutSystems and AWS. They have entered into a multi-year strategic partnership to collaborate, investing in people, technologies, and processes to help organisations keep their applications modern and up-to-date with minimal effort.

Why choose AWS + OutSystems + PhoenixDX

The combination of AWS + OutSystems empowers organisations to live on the cutting-edge of technology. This collaboration will enable OutSystems to deliver deeper integrations with AWS services in the OutSystems Cloud. This will allow customers worldwide to quickly put to work enhanced DevOps, data and analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and other AWS services that will make a difference to their business.

To fully unleash the power of this collaboration, you need a committed team with the knowledge and skills to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions using AWS Services. As a leading software development partner of OutSystems and an AWS Partner, PhoenixDX helps organisations deliver modern applications with these complementary technologies, amplifying business outcomes.

Spark ideas of what you can do with
OutSystems + AWS + PhoenixDX

Build, deploy and evolve any use case

Application Modernisation

Customer Experience

Workplace Innovation

Process Automation

What are Cloud Accelerators for AWS?

We offer components to speed up the development of applications using leading technologies combined with AWS services

Digital Identity Verification

Provide an onboarding experience with identity verification workflows, including face matching for opted-in users, which compares a photo or selfie with an identifying document such as a driver's license, built on Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Video Call Validation

Deliver video engagement for various use cases, including identity verification during customer onboarding or field services support using Amazon Kinesis or Chime.

Self-Service Chatbot

Reduce pressure on call centres by providing AI-powered chatbots and the ability to escalate to a human support agent as required, powered by Amazon Lex and Amazon Comprehend.

Multilingual Chatbot

Provide chatbots that can communicate in any language using Amazon Translation Services, Amazon Polly, and Amazon Transcribe.

Multilingual Video Interaction

Deliver real-time video interaction to support new customer engagement use cases powered by Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Translation Services, and Amazon Transcribe.

Personalised Streaming Experience:

Provide superior workplace innovation experiences such as employee onboarding and training, built on Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon S3.

Customer and Employee Engagement Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA):

Offer new ways to engage with customers and employees using voice and VPAs such as Amazon Alexa.

Simplify the complexity of your DevOps

PhoenixDX approach orchestrates services and tools to deliver large-scale enterprise applications in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional software development.

Rapidly and reliably design, build, test, manage and deploy (CICD) your applications with OutSystems.

Build and run applications and services with increased agility, innovation and productivity without servers or runtimes.