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Work on state of the art digital products and technology. Be part of an extraordinary high performance team that cares. Join a culture of creators.

Working at PhoenixDX

PhoenixDX’s purpose is to transform people’s lives for the better through technology and education. We help our clients develop cutting-edge enterprise software that exactly fits their needs.

Amazing Human Beings

We look not just for exceptional professionals. We care about exceptional human beings.

Culture first backbone

Our company values and virtues were co-created with the team and represent whom we are. We hire for attitude and train for skill.

State of the art digital software

Work with low-code, outsystems and some of the most exciting technology to deliver outcomes fast.

Continuous learning

We look for growth mindsets in people and we have in our DNA continuous learning.

High performing team

We know high performers like working with other high performers and like being part of a high return practice culture.

Give back

We give our best to our customers and serve the community through our corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Impactful projects

Work in some of the most exciting software projects and software engineered products in the industry.

Innovation Labs

Create new concepts, prototypes and help reshape organisations’ digital future.

Work with some of the most impactful organisations

We seek long term partnerships with our customers, to co-elevate with them and deliver exceptional software products.

Life at PhoenixDX

We work flexibly

We’re all human and we value the need for working from anywhere as well as flexibility around balancing work-life and home-life. Our teams are based in many countries, making it important to adapt to each other’s needs.

We have each others backs and co-own each others success

Co-elevate with your peers. Trust is stronger than control at PhoenixDX. Autonomy and ownership are part of our core values. With that comes the responsibility of teams co-owning each other’s success, having each other’s backs and creating more than working relationships.

We celebrate diversity

Diversity and inclusion are in our culture from the ground up. We have an ‘United Nations’ approach, where amazing human beings will co-create new experiences. We believe in better outcomes through diversity.

We serve

The common denominator of all high performing teams is that they lift each other up, are committed to each other and exist to serve. We believe your success is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

We are always getting better

We give book allowances, courses and instil a continuous learning culture. We apply retrospectives and other agile principles, though we hire people with a growth mindset. We have weekly virtual lunches, fortnightly tech learning days, quarterly business meet up and make mentoring and coaching an integral part of our cultural DNA.

We have a 21st century organisational design

Our organizational model allows us to create, dissolve, and remix squads with a minimal disruption to individuals or leaders. This gives us tremendous abilities to address both temporary and long term opportunities for customers. Using agile principles combined with a strong culture first backbone allows us to have high impactful teams.

We seek transformation and exciting digital projects

We know that feeling fulfilled at work is about working on impactful projects and growing whilst doing it. We are fortunate to be able to serve impactful organisations that rely on us to shape new concepts, digital products and work with us to create their future. Examples include ‘Uber eats like’ apps, ‘Facebook like’ apps, video applications, marketplaces or field services applications with mobile first.

Our Values

These PhoenixDX Values underpin how we interact within our team, with our customers, our partners, and our community.

Value Through Agility

We move fast and deliver value constantly.


We do what we say we will do and own the outcomes.

Teamwork for Results

We believe in co-elevation of people, having each other’s backs, and establishing deep relationships with all stakeholders


We set a high bar and strive for excellence in all our work.

For the Long Run

We prize long, close relationships with our clients.

Radical Transparency

We are candid, clear about our intention and not afraid of speaking up.

Corporate social responsibility

“We want to be recognized for excellence in our industry, the strength of our values, the depth of our relationships and being an humanitarian-focused company.

Giving back to our communities and the world is a core part of our culture, so we actively seek people who genuinely care about making a difference. We are very proud of the good we can do at PhoenixDX, both inside and outside our workplace, and looking for these ethics in candidates is a “must do” for us.”
  — Pedro Carrilho

What we do:

What it’s like working at PhoenixDX

We really just want to have a company with great Human Beings that we want to work with every day.

What we do:
PhoenixDX is welcoming, forward-thinking and inclusive. With a strong focus on people and culture, they actively invest time and resources in their people and work to foster a progressive and supportive team environment. This ensures they get the best out of their people whilst having fun.
“It is a great environment with great people! I am encouraged to explore my own strengths and abilities while being mentored by individuals who have unmatched experience in the industry. I honestly feel like I work with friends, not just colleagues.”
“PhoenixDX is a people-oriented organisation that genuinely cares about their employees and customers. We’re provided with equal opportunities for our own personal and professional growth while learning alongside inspiring leaders and colleagues who all recognise how supporting one another takes everyone closer to achieving greater success.”
“It’s an incredibly dynamic and diverse team where everybody is lined up behind one primary focus: getting stuff done and achieving the best outcomes possible.”
“It’s a diverse culture that includes different attributes of individuals in which when combine forms a unique strength that drives the company.”
“Best quote that reflects working at PhoenixDX would be:”Diamonds are made under pressure”. Working at PhoenixDX brings on challenges everyday and with varying degrees of difficulty. Nevertheless, it’s these constant challenges that make as stronger – not just as a ‘worker’ but as a person. As a UX designer, PhoenixDX is unlike in any other place I’ve worked at. I appreciate the TRUST and AUTONOMY the business has given to me when it comes solving design problems.”
“Fulfilling, intense, purposeful, vibrating, sometimes I feel like I’m working with my own family as everyone tends to be so friendly.”
“Every day is an enjoyable day. Team members and colleagues are always forthcoming while portraying a happy work environment. The work pace is always busy while not being pressured in any way. The given opportunities to grow professionally and personal is a great plus. Keep up the good work.”
“PhoenixDX is the best company I’ve ever worked in. The commitment to the company values, the customer success and the cooperation within the team are real – not only beautiful words on the wall or blew from enthusiastic speeches. The company look after us, we look after the customers and we all grow together.”
“I am grateful to have got my first job in Australia with PhoenixDX. PhoenixDX is a company with great values and always puts employee first. I thoroughly enjoy working here with great leaders and a really good mix of talented team.”
“PhoenixDX has built a culture based on communication and growth, and this has been a clear highlight of my time in the company. The company provides clear growth and development opportunities that allow me to expand my skillset and become a better employee.”

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