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The preferred OData connector for the OutSystems platform

Empower your non-developer users to securely create, configure, and manage OData connections in minutes without any coding.

Make Hubway Connect deliver the work for you

Hubway Connect is an API builder that allows non-developer users to quickly create, configure and manage OData connections (APls). Business users can build their own reports using their preferred analytics tools, such as PowerBl, Tableau and Excel. No-code. No-hassle. No-delay.

Unlock Your Data Instantly with Hubway Connect

Eliminate your API backlog

Free your development team from the burden of API creation. With Hubway Connect, business users can self-serve data, allowing your development team to focus on mission-critical projects.

Reduce dev costs

Say goodbye to API development costs. Hubway Connect's user-friendly process enables non-technical users to securely generate and manage APIs, eliminating the need for extensive development resources.

Instantly give access to data

Accelerate API delivery by giving users the autonomy to generate their own reports using their preferred analytic tools. Hubway Connect empowers users to access real-time data insights.

Improve data governance

Simplify data governance with Hubway Connect. The no-code process ensures that even non-technical users can implement APIs securely, enhancing control and compliance.

Increase OutSystems value

Maximise the value of your OutSystems applications by seamlessly generating reports and integrating data from various databases. Hubway Connect enhances your applications' capabilities.

A solution that covers all the bases

We know that different products and projects require different skills, but also stages and governance. Whether you are just starting out or are more advanced in your digital transformation journey, our framework encompasses all stages of the product life-cycle, allowing us to adjust our methodologies to meet the specific outcome you need. We partner with you to leverage your expertise, optimise your investment and complement your existing teams.

seamless integration

Seamless integration

Uses Industry-standard technologies, RESTful and OData, supported by the most popular analytics tools.



Hubway Connect was built to work with OutSystems’ data layer and metadata, designed with the guidance and supervision of OutSystems product management.



Robust security features allow customers to design APIs according to their established policies and security guidelines.

Leveraging Hubway Connect for a smooth transition from O11 to ODC

Rebuilding applications and migrating data can be challenging, but Hubway Connect can smooth your transition, allowing you to plan your upgrade with a phased approach.