How We Work

We have mastered the engineering of quality software development

Our proven end-to-end delivery framework combines agile squads with worldwide governance best practices to deliver the most sophisticated digital products.

Agility and collaboration

Our highly skilled and experienced team work in multi-disciplinary teams to deliver maximum value in the shortest time possible. Our organisational structure is inspired by the scalable Spotify Engineering Model – which emphasises the importance of trust and autonomy.

Agility and collaboration

When creating our squads, we hand-pick professionals based on their technical skills, human abilities, specific industry experience, application complexity and use case knowledge. We design them to maximise the engagement for each customer team, resulting in co-creation, good communication, teamwork, high performance and quality outcomes. This model also makes it easy for us to scale with quality when needed.

Our squads include a mix of software developers, technical analysts, quality assurance specialists, user experience professionals, software architects and product owners, all accustomed to co-delivering with our customers as one team.

Our delivery framework is driven by design and innovation

PhoenixDX builds software that delivers results that can only be achieved via successful user adoption. That’s why everything we design is human-centric. We’ve harmonised the Double Diamond methodology with the DevSecOps approach to cover all stages of the software life-cycle, from researching the problem to further evolving a product after deployment.

How PhoenixDX work delivery framework

We can meet you at any stage of your digital journey

Different products and projects require different skills, stages and governance. Whether you are just starting out or are more advanced in your digital transformation journey, our framework encompasses all stages of the product life-cycle, allowing us to adjust our methodologies to meet the specific outcome you need. We partner with you to leverage your expertise, optimise your investment and complement your existing teams.

Governance with agility

PhoenixDX’s agile approach combines the best of both worlds – the flexibility and speed of agile development and the governance of Project Management Institute (PMI) and Project Management Office (PMO) practices – to improve project management efficiency and control. We have developed our own version of “agile” based on our experience, making it work for our customers. 

We are flexible and can quickly scale capabilities, align methodologies and shape squads to adapt to specific business or project needs. We do this by aligning ‘ways of working’ and conducting digital maturity assessments before implementation starts.

Security is paramount

Joining forces with an external team to build custom software solutions requires trust. Security is a top priority for our customers and our company. PhoenixDX complies with strict security standards to protect customer data, building software with the latest security features and code security reviews.

Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is aligned with international information security best practices and is certified ISO 27001. PhoenixDX employs secure and reliable processes and procedures to protect all types of data.

The platforms we use for software development offer comprehensive built-in features to address security at every stage of development with a secure runtime environment. This capability promotes a clear assignment of responsibilities in the DevOps process, laying the foundation for a secure Software Development Life-cycle (SDLC).

Promoting growth
through co-delivery

PhoenixDX builds and manages self-sufficient squads containing specialist engineers, solution architects, UX experts, developers and consultants with the required skills to complement your team, enabling us to jointly deliver digital solutions. We are transparent. By working together, everyone learns, your digital capabilities expand and your business grows.