Field Services

Build the solution you need to transform your field service operations

Deliver the exact application your business needs fast and cost-effectively, and stop spending time and money customising off-the-shelf software packages.

Rapidly deliver multi-channel field
service apps that meet all your needs

Deliver exceptional experiences for your customers

Create omnichannel applications – mobile, web, chat, voice, or AR/VR – with perfect-fit experiences that exceed your customers’ expectations.

Quickly digitise processes

Out-of-the-box software packages are normally difficult to tailor, but if you build your own solution, you can customise it whenever you need, using low-code.

Maximise operational efficiency

Consolidate multiple systems into a single mobile and web application, reduce paper-based processes, decrease service times and improve employee satisfaction.

Mobile, Distributed and Offline

Provide your field teams with mobile applications that are intuitive, and offer a superior user experience. Ramp-up times are faster, and all the information needed is at their point of service.

Reduce IT costs with low-code

Using OutSystems, you can create, manage and maintain complex software solutions with a small team of developers and eliminate unnecessary subscription costs.

Differentiate your services

Relying on an off-the-shelf solution means your offering is no different to that of your competitors. Create a unique competitive advantage by building a tailored solution.

Build to differentiate your business and buying for commodity

Leverage a high performance low-code platform for all your field services needs'

As your customers’ needs evolve, so do the channels and devices you need to be on to interact with them. Off the shelf solutions (COTS) often fall short keeping up with this level of change. Your field agents and contractors require a single solution that is easy to use and helps accomplish successful first-time visits.

With OutSystems you can quickly build multi-channel applications for all your stakeholders – for any device or operating system – in a matter of weeks regardless of process complexity. Using our modern application platform you can rapidly create applications to:

Quickly adjust to your customers' demands

Create a unique competitive advantage

Drive up customer satisfaction scores

Better enable technicians to increase their first-time-fix rates

Custom Field Service solutions that successfully improved business performance

Many of our Field Service Management customers have had success building software to:

This has dramatically increased their customer satisfaction/productivity and differentiated their offering from their competition.

Optimism service delivery

Offer omnichannel options for customers

Customize operations for specific contracts

Empower field agents to solve issues faster

Allow the back office to respond more quickly and accurately to customer

Case Studies

OutSystems makes it possible for you to build your FSM solution… fast, right and future-proof

Customers are used to one-click purchases, same-day delivery and expect a flawless user experience regardless of what device they are using. They want to interact with a call center agent, chatbot, or field agent on their channel of choice.

Field agents require highly intuitive applications that allow them to complete work orders quickly and efficiently. Using OutSystems, PhoenixDX helps Field Service companies to quickly deliver multi-channel applications that satisfy customers and make agents more efficient.

Empowered to innovate, creating a unique competitive advantage

Future proof your field service apps

Field service visibility in real-time

Quickly and easily adapt to customer and operational requirement changes

Painless integration

Keeping pace with mobile and multi-devices

Find out how OutSystems can help you make your Field Services Digital Transformation a reality

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Leverage proven field services solutions

You don’t need to develop applications from scratch. PhoenixDX and OutSystems have extensive customisable solutions built to integrate into your application and speed up development.

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