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Deliver product features faster

DX FeatureFlags is a powerful feature management console that allows IT teams to take control and speed up development and deployment, accelerating time-to-market.

Managing your product features can be quicker and easier

DX FeatureFlags puts product owners in the driver’s seat to accelerate the development and delivery of new features and enhancements. It enables individual features to be toggled on and off, allowing developers to build, test and release new features independently.

Problems solved

No Delay

No more waiting

for all features to be finalised before deployment.

Developers can

work on different features in parallel.


to target selected users with individual features.

Main features

DX Feature Flags - Main Features

Main features

Feature management console

Feature flags export/import

Complete access control

Hierarchical flag structure

Case study

PepperMoney Case Study

Pepper Money was evolving different applications in parallel. They wanted to release individual product features to their customers as soon as possible, but this proved to be challenging as each product feature was at a different stage of development. They needed a tool to help them progress, test and release product features independently, without losing productivity or quality control. 

Pepper Money employed the DX FeatureFlags management console to help them manage the simultaneous development of their Universal Customer Portal and digital mortgage product. This approach enabled them to progressively release finished product features, significantly increasing developer productivity and delivering benefits to their customers sooner.

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DX Feature Flags