Case Study

Unified portal simplifies security guard onboarding and rostering

The new solution automates processes, unifies communication and improves compliance.

Our customer has been a trusted provider of integrated services for businesses around the globe and in Australia for more than 50 years. The company has gathered unparalleled security expertise, providing security solutions across many industries, including aviation, logistics, government and commercial property.

The impetus for change

The company has a large pool of security personnel comprising a mix of employees and contract staff engaged from various resource contractors. Its existing approach to managing contract security personnel was largely manual, which made it labour-intensive and time-consuming. Each resource contractor company would submit to the company the details of a new security officer for validation and onboarding by email, which could lead to back and forth with the compliance team. Shift rostering by the operations team was done via email and telephone, with Excel files sent to the resource contractors for completion the week before shifts began. As part of its digital transformation journey, the company was committed to improving these processes via a digital solution.

Certis CX Case Study

“To remain at the forefront of our industry, we needed to streamline our onboarding process and enhance our operation. Our goal was to eliminate the manual processes that were creating issues and increase our productivity, improving the experiences for all involved – from the resource contractors, through to our compliance and operations teams.”

Assistant General Manager IT, Security Services Company

The Solution

The company joined forces with PhoenixDX to build an application that streamlines and fast-tracks contract security personnel’s onboarding and shift rostering processes. The unified portal can be accessed by the resource contractor companies and the company’s compliance and operations teams, allowing easy communication between the three groups.

The portal enables each resource contractor to onboard new staff with the company once they have gathered all the necessary information. Once submitted, the application is validated, including live checks of licences against public registers to ensure they are current and valid. Validated applications are then reviewed and approved online by the company’s compliance team. Notably, this initial validation gives the operations team the confidence to temporarily approve and assign security guards out-of-hours, when necessary. The solution also alerts users when the various licenses of security personnel are due to expire, prompting renewal. In addition, the operations team can set shifts within the solution well in advance, which can be completed by the resource contractor companies up to 12 hours before the shift begins. 

The new portal transforms how the company onboards and schedules security personnel, providing quick, easy and standardised processes, greater visibility and governance, and an improved user experience for all involved.

“Our team is already experiencing the benefits of the Resource Contractor (CX) portal and it’s not at full utilisation yet! The manual processing of shift allocations has reduced by 33% per month, equating to 15-20 hours per week in time saved. There is less error, no double handling and more time to provide support and training to the team in learning something new and taking on new projects that will broaden their skillset.”

Resource Planner, Security Services Company


Why the company chose PhoenixDX

PhoenixDX is a trusted partner of the company, having successfully co-delivered more than 14 custom applications together over the past six years. The longstanding relationship has led to a great rapport between the two companies, who continue to work hand-in-hand to deliver digital solutions fast, right and for the future.

“We already had tremendous success building another application with PhoenixDX using the OutSystems platform. So we felt totally confident to partner with them again to create another game-changing app.”

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