Case Study

Procure-to-pay platform with great UX for employees boosts productivity

The solution streamlines supply processes and transforms the employee experience, significantly improving productivity.

Leading commercial property management company that owns and actively manages a $26+ billion portfolio of high-quality Australian real estate, including offices, logistics and retail assets.

The Challenge

The old application for creating and processing purchase orders was initially built using SAP Screen Personas and the technology was about to be unsupported. This application was clunky, had performance issues and would only work on Internet Explorer. It also required a VPN to access remotely and was slowing down the supply management process, from including a new supplier to tracking orders. They needed a new solution that sped up, integrated and modernised their processes and increased employee productivity.

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The PhoenixDX Solution

Extensive user experience research was conducted during the design of the new application to ensure every opportunity to improve the supply chain management process was captured.

iBuy 2.0 was built to improve user experience and productivity, upgrading supplier management, purchase order management, service receipting and invoice tracking systems. The solution delivered improved search capability, and personalisation via customisable display columns and gave staff a new workspace allowing quick access to routine tasks.


This procurement project helped this company kick off their digital transformation strategy. OutSystems is now the centrepiece of their Digital Business Platform for custom web and mobile applications. Because of the fantastic results with iBuy 2.0, they has decided on OutSystems as the default frontend for all apps designed for customers, employees, suppliers and tenants.

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