OutSystems’ Low-Code solution to enhance police operational efficiency in the field

Melbourne, Australia – OutSystems, a leading low-code development platform, has been chosen by Victoria Police to revolutionise and streamline various operational processes within the law enforcement agency. This collaboration will focus on enhancing productivity and efficiency across the board, with particular focus on providing better digital resources for officers out in the field.

Victoria Police recognised the need to optimise numerous inefficient business processes and issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a cutting-edge Business Process Management platform, placing particular emphasis on the department’s electronic penalty infringement notice system (EPINS). OutSystems emerged as the standout choice following a rigorous selection process.

Commenting on the decision, Paul Arthur, VP for ANZ at OutSystems stated: “I believe OutSystems were selected by Victoria Police due to our comprehensive feature set and we managed to demonstrate the ease at which the platform can be adopted during a hands-on developer enablement exercise. New developers on the platform were able to swiftly solve all functionality test cases, showcasing its suitability for the requirements asked of us by Victoria Police.”

OutSystems provides a class-leading platform for application development, with inbuilt rapid development and iteration which allows developers of any skill level to build apps that fit their unique requirements. The platform enables an initial version of an application in a matter of minutes, which then allows developers to quickly customise the application based on user feedback.

Victoria Police emphasised during the RPA process that the need for a shared vision and close collaboration between the vendor and the Police Department were to be paramount. In this instance the objective is to provide better tools for frontline members of the force, allowing them to better perform their roles out in the community. For that to transpire it was essential to work with a platform that affords high flexibility, allowing the organisation to adapt to requirements as they evolve.

The selection of OutSystems enables Victoria Police to address a wide range of process and user experience use cases across both web and mobile platforms in a fraction of the time typically required by alternative development methods. OutSystems will work alongside multi-award-winning partner PhoenixDX to ensure the delivery of the first critical application, prioritising the highest level of security compliance.

“Delivering on the front line mobility needs for the sworn members is our top priority and an honour. We will deliver to Victoria Police a robust business process automation capability, ready to scale and to provide multiple outcomes for the front line.”

By leveraging these industry-leading platform technology and agile implementation models, Victoria Police have the opportunity to significantly enhance innovation and user experience for thousands of members of the police force.

Peter Swart, Regional Director at OutSystems, said of the deployment: “This is a particularly rewarding account for us to engage with, as there is a very clear relationship between our technology, the important work being done by Victoria Police out in the community, and the actual community itself. We underwent a highly rigorous evaluation process and the OutSystems platform really stood up to the test and proved its flexibility, ease of use and general productivity.”

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