[e-Book] – Tech Debt is robbing business right in front of our eyes

Technical debt is estimated to cost businesses $5 trillion in the next 10 years.

OutSystems surveyed IT leaders around the globe to understand the growing threat of technical debt. Peruse the infographic below or download the report now.

The growing threat of technical debt report

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In an effort to increase understanding of the problem, OutSystems have surveyed companies on their views of technical debt, its costs, causes and possible solutions. 

Download this report to learn what others are saying and gain insight into how you can tackle technical debt in your organisation.

The missed opportunity is even greater.

Technical debt is the coding you have to do tomorrow because someone took shortcuts to release it today — and right now, it’s costing $6k a second. That’s money spent rewriting and maintaining code that was written with a short-term mindset. It’s $500M+ a day that could be spent on innovation, on new ideas, on letting your devs seize opportunities before your competitors can.

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