Advanced Developer


1 Week Full-Time


Web Developer Specialisation


AU $4,750 (exc. GST)

Become a Professional OutSystems Reactive developer by mastering the OutSystems platform.



Acquire advanced reactive developer skills and boost your career

This course guides participants through the OutSystem platform’s advanced features, focusing on architecture, integration, authentication and authorisation, asynchronous processes and performance optimisation techniques. The aim is to equip OutSystems reactive developers with the skills necessary to create robust, high-performance, scalable and maintainable solutions.



OutSystems Architecture (2 Days)

The OutSystems Architecture module addresses OutSystems Architecture topics with the help of case studies, and will use a real world scenario to practice defining the architecture of an application from high-level requirements. The Discovery tool will be used to validate the resulting architecture.

Outsystems Integrations (1 Day)

This module teaches you how to create seamless enterprise integrations, connect to external databases, web services and APIs, and integrate with external authentication and authorisation systems.

Authentication & Authorisation (3 Hours)

This module focuses on OutSystems authentication and authorisation. Participants are taught various ways to integrate authentication for an OutSystems application with other authentication systems. The course also covers how to manage authorisations for an OutSystems application.

Asynchronous Processes (4 Hours)

This module covers OutSystems asynchronous processes. Through a series of guided exercises, participants are taught about OutSystems timers best practice and batch processing.

Performance Best Practices 7  Hours)

This module addresses OutSystems performance best practices. Participants are taught methods and tools they can use to ensure the OutSystems applications they build are robust, high-performing and maintainable.


What do you need?

Your laptop with Service Studio installed. A few days before the boot camp, you will receive detailed instructions with all the information you need.


Who should attend?

This course is targeted at OutSystems developers who already know the fundamentals of Reactive web and mobile application development, have experience developing OutSystems apps and want to expand their skills and knowledge. This course is recommended for Architects and Project Managers who need to better understand how OutSystems delivers Reactive web applications.

It is also a helpful refresher course for those preparing for the Architecture Specialisation and the Web Developer Specialisation exams.

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