OutSystems Architecture


2 Days Full-Time


Architecture Specialist


AU $1,750 (exc. GST)

Master OutSystems Architecture and learn to define, validate, and maintain a robust, scalable application architecture.



Define, validate, and maintain robust Application’s Architecture in the OutSystems Platform

The Architecture Specialist is a 2-day, comprehensive, instructor-led program emphasising the importance of a well-thought and planned application architecture.

A hands-on approach further illustrates how to design and validate the application’s architecture from high-level requirements.

Additionally, tools like the Architecture Canvas and Discovery will be utilised to guarantee sound architectures.



OutSystems Architecture


The OutSystems Architecture module addresses OutSystems Architecture topics with the help of case studies. It will use a real-world scenario to practice defining the architecture of an application from high-level requirements. The Discovery tool will be used to validate the resulting architecture.



This is an advanced program designed for Outsystems Professional Developers with OutSystems programming experience. To better grasp the advanced concepts covered in this program, it is also recommended to know other technologies like JAVA or .NET and database/SQL experience in SQL Server or Oracle.


What do you need?

Your laptop with Service Studio installed. A few days before the Boot Camp, you will receive detailed instructions with all the information you need.


Why is this program relevant?

According to Gartner, by 2023, over 50% of medium to large enterprises will have adopted a Low-code Application Platform (LCAP) as one of their strategic application platforms. And if the global demand for low-code developers is quite high, demand for professionals in these platforms is unfolding even faster. This program will emphasise the importance of sound application architectures and walk you through key concepts, best practices, and tools.


What skills are assessed in this program?

You will be evaluated in one assessment covering the concepts learned throughout the program. You will also need to attend all class sessions and complete all assignments.
The mentioned assessment also aims to prepare you to take the included OutSystems certification exam and become an Architecture Specialist.

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