Front-End Developer (2 Days)


2 Days Full-Time


Front-End Specialist


AU $1,900 (exc. GST)

Design, develop, and deliver top-notch, interactive, and responsive interfaces in the OutSystems Platform.



Develop skills to create complex UI designs and to achieve pixel-perfect applications

The Front-end Developer is an onsite or remote instructor-led course that covers the fundamentals of Front-End Development in OutSystems. The course focuses on how to make the most of the available resources provided by the platform, such as patterns, themes, templates, and live style guides, as well as on how to properly define and apply custom styles.


Front – End Development (2 Days)

The Front-End Development module addresses the fundamentals of front-end development in OutSystems, including the OutSystems UI, CSS and Javascript usage, UI customisation including themes and patterns, and front-end architecture.



For this specialization program, it is required to have OutSystems Reactive programming experience. It is also recommended to have experience in different technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To apply for the Front-End specialist certification included on the program, you will need to have Associate Reactive Developer Certification completed.


What skills are assessed in this program?

You will be evaluated in one assessment covering the concepts learned throughout the program. You will also need to attend all class sessions and complete all assignments. The mentioned assessment also aims to prepare you to take the included OutSystems certification exam and become a Front-End Specialist.


Why is this program relevant?

While delivering applications relevant content-wise to the end-users is the chief purpose of any development team, it is paramount to do so with UIs that are appealing, robust, interactive, and responsive.

With the Front-end for OutSystems developers Specialisation, you will master the OutSystems UI framework, including themes, templates, patterns, and creating your own live style guide.

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