Mobile Up


1 Week Full-Time


Mobile Developer Specialist


AU $2400 (exc. GST)

Design, implement and generate interactive and responsive native mobile apps in the OutSystems Platform.



Learn hands-on to build native Mobile Apps that run on all platforms

Mobile Up is a 1-week hands-on program lead by our experienced instructors covering native mobile app development topics with the OutSystems Platform.

Throughout the program, you will learn essential concepts, including how to generate native mobile apps, local data storage models, data synchronisation, plugins, and testing and debugging apps. In the last two days of the program, trainees will practice developing a mobile app consolidating OutSystems Mobile features and patterns



Mobile for OutSystems Developers


The Mobile for OutSystems Developers module is a mix between theoretical presentations and guided exercises to practice each topic where OutSystems Mobile specific features will be taught. At the end of the module, a short project will be implemented to wrap-up all concepts. A full-time trainer will be on-site or in a virtual classroom (according to the chosen delivery format) to help and support the course participants. In the end of the module a technical assessment is performed.

OutSystems Mobile Consolidation


The OutSystems Mobile Consolidation module follows a hands-on approach simulating a two-days hand-on exercise. The hands-on requirements are carefully tailored so trainees practice the knowledge obtained in the first 3 days of the training and master the OutSystems Mobile features and common patterns. During this period, trainees will be working individually.



For this Specialisation program, it is required to have OutSystems programming experience and certification in Reactive Web.


What do you need?

Your laptop with Service Studio installed. A few days before the Boot Camp, you will receive detailed instructions with all the information you need.

Although there are no mandatory prerequisites, for a smoother and more complete learning experience we recommend following the OutSystems Overview online course, before attending this training. It takes approximately 45 minutes to watch the 7 short online videos.


Why is this program relevant?

The OutSystems platform provides advanced mobile features. So whether it’s an enterprise-grade, business-to-consumer app or a complex field service solution, it can be done with the platform. Hence, it is paramount to learn to do it right. This program will go through all the platform’s specific mobile features preparing trainees to deliver top-notch mobile apps every time.

With the Mobile Up program, trainees will also have the opportunity to design, develop and deliver their own mobile app from the ground up.

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Design, develop and deliver top-notch, interactive and responsive interfaces in the OutSystems platform.
Design, implement and generate interactive and responsive native mobile apps in the OutSystems platform.

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