Platform Ops


1 Week Full-Time


Professional Platform Ops Engineer


AU $4,575 (exc. GST)

Become a certified OutSystems Platform Ops and master operation, maintenance, and monitoring an OutSystems infrastructure on-premises and on the cloud.



Keep your OutSystems infrastructure healthy, performant, and scalable

Platform Ops is a detailed 5-day program addressing the intricacies of operating, maintaining, monitoring, and troubleshooting an OutSystems infrastructure.

The instructors focus on real-life planning and best practices throughout this hands-on program to guarantee a healthy, performant, and scalable infrastructure. Moreover, they will address how to debug stability and performance issues, scale existing systems to cope with new requirements and keep the platform updated with the latest features and fixes.



Platform Ops


The Platform Ops module will teach how to debug issues related with stability and performance; Scale existing systems to cope with new requirements; Keep OutSystems updated with the latest features and fixes; Maintain a healthy pipeline in terms of operations to facilitate its management and much more. A full-time trainer will be on-site or in a virtual classroom (according to the chosen delivery format) to help and support the course participants. In the end of the module a technical assessment is performed.



There are no prerequisites to enroll in the Platform Ops program. However, we recommend applicants currently hold a role in Operations or Sysadmin role or have hands-on experience in one of these areas to better grasp the concepts being taught.


What do you need?

Your laptop with Service Studio installed. A few days before the Boot Camp, you will receive detailed instructions with all the information you need.

Although there are no mandatory prerequisites, for a smoother and more complete learning experience we recommend following the OutSystems Overview online course, before attending this training. It takes approximately 45 minutes to watch the 7 short online videos.


Why is this program relevant?

While delivering applications relevant to the end-users is the chief purpose of any IT team, guaranteeing that the underlying systems respond appropriately and timely is the primary concern of a Platform Ops team. The OutSystems Platform Ops program will equip you with the necessary skills to deal with any performance and stability issues, scale the system to cope with load surges, or maintain the systems running smoothly and up to date.

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