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How Coates went from being stuck in the past to becoming an innovator in just 12 months

Many companies are stuck with legacy systems that can’t evolve with the pace of the business. IT leaders face a dilemma: modernising systems is risky, but inaction can be riskier.  An inability to innovate can result in lost business at best, or losing their business at worst.

Coates know this situation all too well. After 20+ years of investing in and maintaining an old legacy system, they knew it was time to modernise. The continued success and growth of their Industrial Services division were dependent on their ability to modernise their operational system. 

They worked through the list of hard decisions that IT leaders face when tackling legacy modernisation:

  • Should I buy or build?
  • How can I deliver the new system without disrupting business continuity?
  • We have a limited budget and we don’t have years to rebuild, how can we accelerate delivery?

Join Alex Lassanaire from Coates, who will share how they successfully delivered this key initiative in less than a year.

This roundtable is an exclusive opportunity for IT Leaders to share insights and discuss strategies to tackle complex legacy modernisation projects.

Where : The Study, Park Hyatt Sydney, 7 Hickson Road, The Rocks
Date:  Thursday 19 May 2022
Time: 08:00 AM - 10:00 AM

This is an exclusive invitation-only event. We’ve got you covered: breakfast and transport are on us. We are supplying a delicious breakfast and will provide car parking or Uber ride voucher to and from the event.

RSVP Now. There are only a few spots available.

Showcase Speaker

Alex Lassauniere
Group Manager IT Innovation & Architecture at Coates 

Modernisation Lead

Pedro Carrilho
Managing Director & Co-founder at PhoenixDX 


Juan Martin
Director & Co-founder at PhoenixDX 

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