DX CTI Connector

Deliver virtual contact centre solutions with the power of Amazon Connect and OutSystems

Transform your customer experience (CX) at scale with Amazon Connect – AWS’ AI-powered contact centre – and OutSystems. DX CTI Connector makes this combo simple, fast and cost-effective.

Integrate Amazon Connect and the OutSystems platform, hassle-free

DX CTI Connector is a powerful new accelerator that opens up opportunities for organisations that use OutSystems applications to employ Amazon Connect – AWS’ AI-powered contact centre.

Before the DX CTI Connector’s release, there was no easy way to utilise Amazon Connect’s contact centre services within OutSystems applications without spending weeks developing the integration between both platforms.

The DX CTI Connector makes it quick and simple to access Amazon Connect, allowing you to deliver superior customer experiences much sooner. Why waste time building your own integration when this connector is ready to use, saves money and accelerates delivery?

DX CTI Connector Benefits

Immediate access to the benefits of Amazon Connect, such as generative AI capabilities, tracking tools, omnichannel experience

Seamless integration between your OutSystems applications and Amazon Connect with a single sign-in using your OutSystems or Corporate credentials

Customise OutSystems applications and interfaces using Amazon Connect event data

Real-time exchange of OutSystems application and Amazon Connect data

Increased contact centre agents productivity by simplifying multiple services within a single interface, eliminating double handling of multiple systems

Reduced clicks as it automatically calls up account and order information during chats/calls, rather than the agent having to manually look it up

Comprehensive chat and call history data to be collated to improve data analysis.

Seamless integration between your OutSystems applications and Amazon Connect with a single sign-in using your OutSystems credentials

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How does OutSystems Developer Cloud benefit you?

With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly set up Amazon Connect, enabling contact centre agents to deliver swift, secure, scalable and highly personalised customer service without the need for coding.

Amazon Connect features a generative AI-powered assistant called Amazon Q that automatically identifies customer issues, provides agents with contextual customer information and suggests responses and actions for speedy resolution, all within a unified interface. The system streamlines the customer service process, enhancing efficiency and overall satisfaction.

Measure, track, and improve performance
Create a seamless omnichannel experience

Amazon Connect Benefits

How DX CTI Connector works

The connector provides OutSystems Developers with a friendly SDK (software development kit) and library with assets to speed up the integration and implementation of custom-built contact centre flows.