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iBuy 2.0 improves user experience and productivity

Leading commercial property management company exceeded employees expectations in designing a complete new e-procurement platform using OutSystems
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The Challenge

This leading commercial property management company’s existing procurement application (iBuy) was soon to be unsupported and had numerous usability and performance issues.

The PhoenixDX Solution

Leveraging the power of the OutSystems platform, PhoenixDX built iBuy 2.0 with a focus on improving user experience and productivity. The new application delivered and upgraded the Supplier Management, Purchase Order Management, Service Receipting and Invoice Tracking systems. iBuy 2.0 also offers improved search capability, delivered personalisation through customisable display columns and gave staff a new workspace for quick access to routine tasks.



A 60% reduction in the time taken to complete key tasks.

Reduced training budget due to superior and more intuitive UI.

Extensive user experience analysis and investment in UI paid off. This leading commercial property management company pride themselves on employee satisfaction and providing sophisticated tools that allow staff to do their job more efficiently.

This procurement project helped this company kick off their digital transformation strategy. OutSystems is now the centrepiece of their Digital Business Platform for custom web and mobile applications. Because of the fantastic results with iBuy 2.0, they has decided on OutSystems as the default frontend for all apps designed for customers, employees, suppliers and tenants.

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