Case Study

Real-time events management interface enhances community engagement

Mobile interface simplifies event management and places event, accommodation and travel information at the users’ fingertips.

The fast-paced global consulting organisation supports over 40K community members across 19 countries, providing a range of business advisory, consulting and training services to help them maintain a competitive edge.

The Challenge

Events are crucial for the community members to engage, so the organisation regularly stages get-togethers, ranging from small meetings to large conferences. Despite having a desktop events management system in place, the group continued to rely on emails to communicate event information to their members. It was inefficient, plagued by email issues and subject to confusion when details changed. Further, there was no way to measure event attendance. The group had already developed a mobile application to reach its 40K community, so they decided to augment this app with an events management interface.

Our customer is a fast-paced global consulting organisation

The Solution

The group developed a front-end interface integrated with their existing desktop events management system inside their community mobile app. Delivered in just 12 weeks, the new interface empowers community administrators to effortlessly convey all facets of their events, including crucial logistics such as accommodation, meals and travel arrangements, directly to members in real-time. This ensures that members stay informed with the most up-to-date information, even during last-minute changes. The interface provides a seamless interaction with existing features of their community app, including user profiles and support contacts for events. Impressively, within a span of less than two weeks, the group successfully incorporated QR code functionality into the new interface, providing administrators with a convenient tool to monitor event attendance effectively.


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