DevOps Up


2 Days Full-Time


Professional DevOps Engineer


AU $1,750 (exc. GST)

Master OutSystems DevOps and speed up the delivery of secure and reliable Apps



Speed up delivery and release reliable and secure apps while bringing together your organization’s development and operation teams.

DevOps Up is an intense, instructor-led program addressing practices that automate the processes between development and operation teams to build, test, and release apps faster and more reliably.

Security topics will also be addressed with the help of targeted exercises on securing existing applications. Finally, monitoring & troubleshooting applications and performance issues will also be covered with a series of hands-on activities.



Governance (3 Hours)

The Governance module covers the fundamental knowledge about managing IT Users and teams. It will show how to use lifetime tool to create users and teams and set different levels of permissions for teams, applications and users.

Release Management (4 Hours)

The OutSystems Release Management module addresses the application deployment process and how the platform covers CI/CD concept.

Test Automation (3 Hours)

The Test Automation module covers the fundamentals of testing in OutSystems including the pyramid granularity and test types, best practices for testing and test automation scenarios and strategies.

Monitoring (4 Hours)

The Monitoring module presents the different types of logging available on OutSystems tools including Service Center and Lifetime. It will also explore how you can troubleshoot issues on your platform and applications and what tools and APIs you have available to use.

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