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PhoenixDX partners with ITUp, the #1 OutSystems Global Training Partner, to provide the best training in ANZ.

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Technology evolves all the time, you need to get certified to prove your skills and knowledge. Establish yourself as a leading OutSystems developer.


Why learn OutSystems?

OutSystems is the #1 low-code platform with a fast-growing community of 400k+ members

Build powerful and complex enterprise-grade applications without being limited by technology

Get certified in a technology that is solid and built for the future


Why get certified?

OutSystems customers and partners are always looking for certified professionals

Future proof your career and rise to the top of recruitment lists

Prove that you have mastered OutSystems technology


Why learn with us?

Faster: Don’t go it alone; immerse yourself in intensive guided training

Easier: Experienced senior developers guide you while answering your questions in real-time

Better: Learn best practices based on real-life project experience

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We are the official OutSystems training partner in ANZ. Our training program includes courses for all skill levels, remote or in person, to you or your team. In-company boot camps and personalised training can be arranged exclusively for your organisation, either in person or online.

New to OutSystems

From brand new to less than 1 year of experience


1+ years of experience


Experienced OutSystems developers

Business Services

Empower your team to get the most of OutSystems with a combination of theory (classroom) and practice (on-the-job enablement). We offer a number of options – see what we have to offer and choose the right program for your team.

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What the experts say


Our students learn in a week what might take 3-6 months to learn on their own. There’s nothing like learning from an experienced OutSystems professional trainer.

If your organisation is serious about building an OutSystems team/practice, they will likely be keen to pay for your training. With developers in high demand and a shortage of them in the job market, many employers are keen to educate from within. Speak to your manager about the benefits of having a certified OutSystems Developer on staff.

We can invoice the course to your company details and receive the payment via bank transfer. 

No. The course gives you all the knowledge and the tips but you need to pass in the same exam as if you haven’t done the course. One voucher is included in the course price.

One certification exam cost is included in your course free. Once you complete your course, you will receive a voucher to be used on the OutSystems website. This will allow you to register for your examination.

PhoenixDX and ITup are partners and the price is the same. All course prices are established by OutSystems.

No, the prices are the same. The courses are for a maximum of 8 students and everyone works online with an instructor during the whole time. It is not a video when it is online.