Team stories: Joao Melo, My Tech Journey

“OutSystems changed my career”

Joao Melo has been in the tech industry for over 18 years. During his career, he discovered how fulfilling it was to work with a purpose and how his work could change millions of people’s lives.

He wanted to find a way to be more productive and help more people, so he got to know OutSystems and embraced a project that became the game changer for his career.

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Joao Melo is in the top 20 OutSystems MVPs across the globe. In 2019 he joined PhoenixDX as a Tech Lead, the most significant move of his entire life – literally as it involved moving from Brazil to Australia.

“I moved from Brazil to Australia to be part of a small company with inspiring leaders that say ‘happy employees make happy customers’ and I couldn’t relate more to that.” – Joao Melo

Now working as a Tech Lead, Joao focuses on figuring out the his teammates strengths and coordinating them to get valuable result for himself, the team and the client. However, what really drives him is finding opportunities to help team members grow their careers and build meaningful relationships. This is the way he like to lead.


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