HackaLabs 2021

Two days dedicated to innovation, knowledge and team building.

Hosting a Hackathon has always been high on PhoenixDX Founder Pedro Carrilho’s list of priorities. During his career in OutSystems, Pedro had the opportunity to participate in many hackathons, and he knows well the benefits and outcomes it could bring to the PhoenixDX team. Now that our teams are growing fast and the company is expanding, the time was right. All team members within Australia came together in Sydney for two days of learning, skill sharing, prototyping and team building.

Pedro Carrilho Profile

We wanted to infuse innovation in our team’s ways of working, break silos, develop new digital mindsets and build new products! Ideas created in hackathons have gone on to become new products, services and even companies. It’s a proven approach to create new concepts and experiment. – says Pedro Carrilho

This event allowed our Australian team to meet in real life (some for the first time due to Covid), work with different colleagues and collaborate in new ways, while some team members joined virtually from the Philippines and New Zealand. Each team had a different challenge to work on and they approached each problem with a unique perspective coming up with valuable solutions.

Working under such a tight two-day deadline presented our team with new challenges that they overcame with teamwork, excellent communication, and laughter. Our team learned about design thinking, business model canvas, value proposition design, fresh frameworks and new mindsets. The experience was transformational. The benefits and knowledge developed during this event will add value to our customers. HackaLabs has enabled us to better integrate our teams, prototype faster, and maximise the OutSystems platform’s potential.

PhoenixDX partners with non-tech organisations to build solutions that grow and transform their businesses. We don’t just want to develop their solution; we want to help them conceptualise, shape it and bulletproof it. In that way, we can build a solution that satisfies all of their business needs.

PhoenixLabs Team

This intense think-tank environment has enabled us to create practical solutions quickly. The components and models we have built during HackaLabs will be included in our product roadmap and added to our library of proven solutions. The resources we have created in two days would otherwise take months to develop with our teams focused on customer’s projects.

PhoenixDX Team Hackathon
Team PhoenixDX in Sydney 2021

We look forward to the next Hackathon, and we are excited about what our teams have created in 2 days… rather than weeks or months!

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