[Infographic] – Banking a Step Above with The Power of Low-Code

How do small or regional banks overcome disruption and turn industry challenges into business opportunities?

The financial industry landscape is changing dramatically, fueled by shifting consumer behaviour, digital acceleration, and an increased focus on customer experiences and technology-driven solutions. Banks are also beginning to face competition from fintech players, big tech, and retail as they set their sights on the financial services and payments space. Thriving in this environment can be a struggle for small or regional banks.

  • 80% of bank customers feel it’s essential to be able to connect their bank account to the digital apps and services they choose
  • 7 out of 10 millennials demand a seamless, integrated experience
  • 132.2 million are predicted to be using open banking services by 2024.

Low-code cloud-based platforms such as OutSystems enable banks to effectively navigate disruption across multiple fronts, transforming industry challenges into lucrative business opportunities.

Access this infographic to learn more about the financial landscape and how banks can effectively navigate disruption by building mobile and web applications that can transform their digital service without needing an army of developers and a big bank’s budget.

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