Streamlining Enterprise Analytics: A Deep Dive into OutSystems + Cloud Services Integration

In the fast-evolving landscape of enterprise-grade applications, accessing and utilising data for business analytics can be a complex endeavour.

This challenge was vividly addressed at the ONE Conference by OutSystems in Lisbon this September, where industry experts Joao Melo and Ossama Ghanem shared insights on leveraging OutSystems alongside Cloud Services such as Azure and AWS for enterprise-grade analytics.

The GPT Group, a leading real estate property management company with over $13 billion in assets, faced the common hurdle of unlocking valuable insights from its multi-application environment. As a long-term PhoenixDX customer, the organisation sought a solution to harness the wealth of data scattered across their OutSystems applications. The answer lay in orchestrating a powerful combination of platforms, including OutSystems, AWS, Snowflake, and Tableau.

Joao Melo, Head of Product Delivery at Hubway Connect and Principal Tech Lead & OutSystems MVP at PhoenixDX, and Ossama Ghanem, Senior Tech Lead & Trainer at PhoenixDX and OutSystems MVP & Ambassador, shed light on the intricacies of creating a streamlined end-to-end data analytics solution. This solution, which incorporates cloud-based services such as Azure and AWS, presents a robust framework for cross-application analytics.

This presentation delves into the details of implementing a data ingestion pipeline that not only addresses the challenges faced by the GPT Group but also provides valuable insights for companies grappling with similar complexities. By exploring the integration of OutSystems with Cloud Services like Azure Data Factory and PowerBI, the speakers highlight a potent combination that significantly optimises business intelligence (BI) and reporting needs.

The ONE Conference served as a platform for sharing practical experiences and success stories, showcasing how innovative solutions can transform data into a strategic asset for informed decision-making. Joao Melo and Ossama Ghanem’s expertise and insights provide a roadmap for companies navigating the intricacies of multi-application environments, offering a blueprint for building a powerful analytics infrastructure that unlocks the true potential of enterprise data.

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