Dev Tips: SQL Sandbox

SQL Sandbox is a Forge App that allows the execution of arbitrary SQL statements on the platform database in the Cloud. 

It is useful for troubleshooting and cleaning up data in development environments. With this Application, you can also introspect the OutSystems metadata to get useful information, like rotated logs, data from system tables, timers schedule, BPT history, etc. 

Additional goodies are also available, such as:

•  Access the history of statements you ran
•  Save the most common statements to run again whenever you need easily
Extract dataset to CSV
Intuitively navigate through the database structure organised by Apps and modules

You can download the SQL Sandbox component here.


Joao Melo, Head of Product Delivery, Principal Tech Lead and OutSystems MVP, has detailed and demoed this forge component and how to use it. Watch this 13-minute video.

Joao shared this Dev Tip as part of an OutSystems Community event in February 2022. Please see below the associated slide deck. If you want to watch the entire event, including 5 Dev Tips, you can watch it here. 

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Team PhoenixDX