The Smith Family Challenge 2023 supporting Aussie kids in need

Thank you to everyone who sponsored The Smith Family Challenge 2023. So far, the Challenge has raised $1,255,592.

The Smith Family Challenge is an exhilarating 100km off-road adventure held over 2 days where teams of 4 navigate by foot, bike and on the water to the finish line. Since 2008 the challenge has raised over $ 12 million to help Australian children in need break the cycle of disadvantage through education. This annual event is the most significant source of fundraising for the organisation.

1.2 million Australian children live in poverty and grow up with disadvantages, limiting their choices, opportunities and outcomes in life. Investing in their education can deliver long-term benefits for them, their families and future generations, giving them a chance to break the cycle of poverty. The money raised from The Challenge provides children with practical tools like school books, shoes, bags, and uniforms and supports them at school… allowing them to realise their potential.

This year The Challenge was held in the Glenworth Valley, and Pedro Carrillo, our Managing Director, and James Matthews, our customer manager, represented PhoenixDX.

Engagement Manager

Pedro and James put their bodies on the line, making up half of a 4 man team. Both having done the event in previous years, they knew what they were in for and prepared accordingly. They camped, swam, soaked, crawled, navigated, paddled, ran and rode their way on and off-road to complete the gruelling course.

Although there were more scrapes on my legs, and we were more exhausted than last year, we really did push ourselves, and it showed. The first day they put us in the bog, so there was quite a bit of mud, and I think we got up to our waists. On the second day, I think it’s part of the psychology of it all; they made us go up a mountain on our bikes. But I think also; we did really well; we finished 5th place out of 15 teams. I’d say we’re pretty proud of that.

–  James Matthews

PhoenixDX cares. We proudly support those who work with the most vulnerable in our community. In addition to participating in The Challenge, we donate 1% of our profits to The Smith Family and encourage our team to work as volunteers and support the Smith Family community. We also contribute with software and staff time under our Corporate Social Responsibility program to accelerate digital initiatives in charities across Australia.

I’m really grateful to all the sponsors because this is all about racing as much cash as possible for this cause. The true heroes out there are the children, and sponsors are essential to make a difference. I defiantly want to do it again. It’s a big commitment… and we definitely would love to do it again.

Pedro Carrilho

When it came to the event, the team were in awe of how well organised it was. The accommodations were gorgeous glamping tents, the food abundant and the refreshments never-ending. All of the provisions had been donated to reduce the cost of running the event, meaning that all of the money raised by each team could be allocated directly to helping children.

The team crossed the line in 5th place and were proud of how they kept each other motivated to keep going, despite the many challenges. Well done team!

At the moment, our team has raised over $46,000 and hopes to raise more still. We want to help as many children as possible, as bridging the education gap is the best way to overcome disadvantages.

Our team

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this epic journey. Every donation makes a difference, no matter how big or small. Your belief in us pushed us across the line, we knew you had our back, and we wanted to make you proud.