Need To Build Software?

You don’t have to start from scratch.

More and more often, IT leaders struggle to find an off-the-shelf product that meets their requirements. They need a custom solution. Moving from buying software to building software is a huge leap…until now.

Build software. Why?

A common reason IT leaders decide to build software is because they can’t find an off-the-shelf solution that meets their requirements. Their only alternative is to build. 

Another reason to start building software is the need for all industries to adapt their business to catch up with the software disruption seen in the last 10 years. Software is eating the world – Spotify, Uber and AirBnB have disrupted their industries. Then, in 2020, COVID-19 disrupted the world, changing how enterprises perceive digital; it was part of their strategy before the pandemic and now it is the strategy.

The limitations of software packages and SaaS are restricting companies’ ability to compete in this new digital world. It can be expensive, difficult to customise or integrate and they can’t differentiate from their competitors with an off-the-shelf product.

Building software used to be a risky business as traditional coding makes it very difficult, costly and time consuming, especially for non-tech companies. There is a better way.

From buying to building. The big change.

There’s a better way to build software

Coding by hand is quickly being replaced by low-code. Just like in manufacturing, where 3D printing has made prototype development 10x faster and much cheaper, organisations are using low-code to build software faster, better, future-proof and more affordable compared to manual coding. By using low-code, most software can be created through visual representation, and large sections of the codebase don’t need to be written from scratch, making application development:

  • Faster: enterprise solutions can be built in weeks rather than months or years.
  • Better: greater UX by default in any device, easy to change and expand, and with the functionality tailored to the users’ needs.
  • More Cost-Effective: smaller and more productive teams can deliver more in less time.
  • Future-proof: technology that stays up-to-date and reduces technical debt.

Using the right low-code platform, IT leaders can build software with confidence. Now it is possible for them to build cutting-edge custom applications that exactly fit their organisation’s needs, for a fraction of the cost, time and risk compared to using traditional coding.

As with all buzzwords, low-code is poorly defined and abused by software vendors,  creating confusion in the marketplace. We have prepared a free e-book to clearly explain low-code so you can better understand the “The Light and the Dark Side of Low-Code”.

Low Code Background

Low-Code in The Spotlight: The Light and The Dark Side of Low-Code

What can I build using low-code?

Thanks to this innovative way of building software, some of our customers have been able to replace end-of-life legacy systems in just a few months. Others have built tailored customer and employee experiences in just a few weeks. Read on to learn more:

Legacy Modernisation – Digital Products – Custom Applications – Workflow and Rules Engines
Field Services Mobility – Critical Operational Systems – Core Systems – Customer-Facing Applications – Headless ERP
See all use cases →

OutSystems gives you enterprise-grade peace of mind

With 20 years of experience and financial backing from Goldman Sachs and KKR, OutSystems is the pioneer and the leader of the enterprise low-code market.

High Productivity

With a visual modeling environment that enables developers to be more productive. More than 3,500 reusable applications and components.

Enterprise Architecture

Flexibility to start small and scale up ensuring performance, governance and transparency.

Connects to Anything

Easy and fast to integrate with any external enterprise system, database, or web service and supports the creation of APIs to fuel the next generation of apps.

Deploys Anywhere

Runs on-premise, in third-party data centres, or in the cloud. Mobile apps can be deployed with one click to GooglePlay or the AppStore.

Safe and Secure

Capability across the core security topics, that meet the highest security standards. From application and infrastructure, through continuous monitoring operations, to information security.

Great UX by Default

You can design from scratch, customise pre-built templates, or import existing designs while ensuring performance or functionality.

How enterprise platforms can future-proof your applications

With PhoenixDX you can have the certainty that you can deliver digital solutions fast, right and future-proof

As you know, Technology is not enough to ensure successful outcomes.

In addition to making the right technology choices, IT leaders need to know that they can rely on a local team of experts with a proven track record of delivering enterprise software in OutSystems.

We partner with our customers to help them enhance their digital capability leveraging our decades of experience in building custom cutting-edge applications, using the most advanced methodologies and the best talent in the region. 

Once our customers feel empowered by delivering their first application, they realise that they can bring more ideas to life. The possibility of improving the business becomes real and IT starts to drive business transformation and growth.

With PhoenixDX by your side you have peace of mind that you can deliver.

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“PhoenixDX have shown a shared commitment to achieve our business objectives and project success and continue to provide high-quality resources, experience and support while developing a sophisticated billing engine”.
Senior Project Manager
Leading Seniors Retirement Village
“PhoenixDX gained my trust with high-quality delivery and a dedicated team willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs. I feel they are an extension of my team. I would recommend PhoenixDX to any company that is serious about getting the most out of OutSystems.”
Ying Loong Lee
Managing Director, Certis Australia – Security Business
“We needed to keep the Lendhaus team as lean as possible while delivering a sophisticated product to our customers. We remain extremely impressed by the product management perspective and speed of delivery the PhoenixDX team bring to the table.”
Greg Bartlett
CEO, Lendhaus
“The application we built together is an excellent example of how people, technology and process can be fused with art and passion to create something brilliant. PhoenixDX is one of the most skilled and capable OutSystems partner in Australia.
Mark McWilliams
Global Technology Director

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