OutSystems UNO! – Harnessing your creativity in OutSystems

Ready to get creative in OutSystems? Watch this session from The OutSystems ONE Conference in Lisbon in September 2023 about harnessing your creativity in OutSystems.

In this presentation, Ossama Ghanem, Certified Senior Tech Lead at PhoenixDX and Outsystems Trainer and MVP, breaks down OutSystems UNO!, a game component available in the Forge. He explores how to leverage out-of-the-box capabilities & best practices to get creative in OutSystems. 

‘OutSystems UNO!’ is the result of an experiment that aimed to push the boundaries of the platfrom, encouraging people to think creatively and build something innovative. 

This session covers everything from building an engaging user interface to creating unique assets to implementing the game engine & mechanics, bringing creative ideas to life.

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