Introducing DX Grant 2.0

We are thrilled to announce new features for DX Grant that make the end-user experience even better, further reduce administrative burden and heighten governance and security for user accounts management.

New self-registration feature delivers user autonomy

Now approved users can activate their accounts and set their own passwords via a link or a one-time password (OTP) emailed to them by the IT Administrator or Product Owner. User autonomy significantly speeds up the process of onboarding new employees or customers and cuts down on IT administration.

Automated emails now assist users to manage their accounts

The new functionality is making it much easier for users to handle their accounts. Automated emails are sent to remind them about password reset and expiration. Also, to improve transparency, users are now notified when their account has been accessed on their behalf using the impersonation capability.

Audit logs for user, product and settings changes enhance governance

New comprehensive auditing functionality significantly improves governance for user accounts management via:

  • User audit logs that record user access, roles, permissions, data and password changes.
  • Product audit logs that document all changes made to the products, including product creation, deletion and updates. 
  • Settings audit logs that record system settings changes, capturing variations to password configurations and resets.

New password management feature provides greater control over security

IT Administrators can now configure password settings to ensure users comply with their organisation’s security requirements. They can manage the expiration of the email link or OTP, plus specify the user password strength and expiration. Also, the self-registration functionality can be toggled off if it does not suit their requirements.

MyProducts dashboard provides user visibility + control

Users can now view, access and manage all their applications in one central location via a user-friendly dashboard. This handy feature gives them the big picture of their accounts and enables them to manage them quickly and more effectively.