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Artificial Intelligence / GenAI For Your Business

Leveraging GenAI to radically transform your business is simpler than you might think

It’s possible to integrate GenAI into your business easily and securely for a multitude of use cases without being an AI expert.

Common GenAI use cases for your business to start delivering results quickly

Introducing AI Agent Builder

OutSystems’ AI Agent Builder empowers you to create agents to humanise digital interactions, turbocharge productivity and transform performance using natural language and large Language Models (LLMs) such as Azure OpenAI or Amazon Bedrock.

Integrate GenAI agents into your apps in minutes

No specialised AI skills are required, so you can build GenAI Agents within your OutSystems apps in minutes. This allows you to leverage the power of LLMs, retrieval-augmented generation RAG, and proprietary data sources quickly and easily.

Guarantee security, privacy, monitoring and accuracy

The ability to fully control access to models, agents and proprietary data within your OutSystems apps addresses common concerns around AI. You can securely scale GenAI, ensure privacy and monitor AI model performance for accurate and reliable results.

Simplify GenAI app development and deployment

You can scale and standardise your AI solution development and deployment within a single platform, reducing complexity. With OutSystems, you can combine AI models and knowledge sources to build your GenAI app, creating a simpler, scalable development process.

Meet your business needs with GenAI-based innovation

With a GenAI agent, your business can enhance customer satisfaction, scale personalisation and boost productivity. Use cases include apps for customer support and ticket deflection, call summaries, private MyGPT, e-commerce translation, document summarisation and reporting.

Walter Nirschl
We want to have our own access to generative AI, aka GPT platforms, and this we did with an OutSystems-powered solution.
Walter Nirschl • Head of Global Workplace Services • Infineon Technologies