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In the dynamic landscape of application development, maintaining a clear historical record of changes and updates is crucial. OutSystems Service Studio equips developers with powerful version comparison tools designed to streamline change management and enhance collaboration. This feature allows teams to track modifications over time, ensuring that every iteration of an application is well-documented and controlled. This article provides a comprehensive walkthrough on how to use the version comparison functionalities in OutSystems 

Service Studio.


Navigating to Version Comparison

To begin comparing different versions of a module, first, open the module in OutSystems Service Studio. Once the module is loaded, navigate to the ‘Modules’ tab, where you’ll find two options for version comparison: “Compare and Merge with another version” and another option to compare using an uploaded file.


Using Compare and Merge with Another Version

Here’s how to utilize the ‘Compare and Merge with another version’ feature:

  1. Select a Published Version: From the ‘Modules’ tab, choose ‘Compare and Merge with another version’. A list of all published versions of the module will appear. Select the version you want to compare from this list.
  2. Review Changes: After selecting a version and clicking ‘OK’, the ‘Compare and Merge’ window will open, displaying all changes between the versions. Changes are highlighted, making it easy to spot differences.
  3. Merge Versions: After reviewing the differences, decide which parts of the versions you wish to merge. You can select specific changes to include or exclude before finalizing the merge.


Comparing and Merging with an Uploaded File

If you have a locally saved OutSystems Module (.OML) file that you want to compare, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Compare and Merge Tool: Under the ‘Modules’ tab, select ‘Compare and Merge’, then choose to ‘Open a file’.
  2. Locate and Select the OML File: Navigate to the location of your .OML file on your local drive, select it, and proceed.
  3. Review and Select Versions: Like with online versions, the tool will display differences between the uploaded file and the current module. Review these and select the preferred changes.


Practical Tips for Efficient Version Comparison
  • Regularly Publish and Document Changes: To make the most of the version comparison tool, regularly publish your changes and keep detailed notes in the version history. This practice will make it easier to track what changes were made and why.
  • Use Clear Naming Conventions: When saving versions, use clear and descriptive names to simplify identification and comparison of different versions.
  • Collaborate and Communicate: Use the comparison tool to facilitate discussions among team members about changes, ensuring that everyone understands the reasons behind modifications and merges.


The version comparison and merging tools in OutSystems Service Studio are indispensable for developers looking to maintain control over their application’s evolution. By effectively using these tools, developers can ensure consistency, prevent conflicts, and maintain a high standard of integrity for their applications. Whether you’re dealing with local files or published versions, OutSystems provides the capabilities needed to manage your project’s lifecycle efficiently.

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