Data Governance with Hubway Connect

Why data governance?

Data is ever-growing in volume and so is the risk of accidentally exposing data. Many organisations do not use monitoring applications to track who is accessing their corporate data and underestimate the impact a data security breach might have on their business. The Data Stewart has the cumbersome task of tracking which API exposes what data and who has access to it. 

The traditional approach requires developers to create an API for each business case that allows them to expose a specific set of data to enable interoperability between systems. As the number of business use cases and apps grows, so does the number of APIs, increasing the complexity of tracking who has access to sensitive data. APIs are protected using Tokens or Basic Authentication. Technical documents can give a glimpse of the data that it exposes, but this is no easy task for the Data Steward, as the number of APIs can quickly grow exponentially. If there is a change to any data definition, they must manually assess its impact on the entire portfolio.

Hubway for easy Data Governance

Hubway for easy Data Governance

Hubway Connect is a one-stop shop for OutSystems API management. It allows non-developer users to create, configure and manage data connections (APIs) to expose data out of OutSystems apps, eliminating the need for manual development and maintenance of APIs. It offers a visual interface to manage the Entities (DB tables) being exposed and control the security on an API basis. 

It provides a unified language to represent the structure of data-driven APIs, making them easy to understand, even by non-technical analysts. Anyone with access to Hubway Connect can easily control whether an API will allow access for read-only or read-and-write operations. APIs can even be set to provide custom-based filtering options to allow for a specific data set to be exposed, protecting confidential data at the source. 

Hubway provides comprehensive logging to monitor the usage and load on the API. This helps administrators detect any inadvertent or suspect usage. 

Robust security features allow customers to design APIs according to their established policies and security guidelines. Hubway Connect is protected by using enterprise authentication mechanisms combined with OutSystems’ built-in permissioning system, making it robust and compatible with OutSystems’ prescribed standards.


Hubway eliminates the complexity of managing access and the risk of accidentally giving non-authorised users access to sensitive data. Hubway Connect is here to redefine how you manage and share Outsystems data.

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