OutSystems + AWS: Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Find out why OutSystems + AWS is such a great match.

Jacob Bogie from OutSystems and Matthew Girdharry from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace discuss how the synergy and shared values between the two organisations help businesses solve problems and drive innovation.


Why are OutSystems + AWS like chocolate and peanut butter?

Individually, OutSystems and AWS are impressive in their own right – together they are an unbeatable combination. By leveraging the robust services of AWS, the OutSystems platform facilitates customers to seamlessly develop transformative applications that feature AI and ML. 


How does OutSystems help unite DevOPs + Security?

With OutSystems, security, governance and performance are embedded in the platform, which means these issues never arise at the last minute, delaying production. The platform’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) includes AI-driven modelling that analyses code and identifies issues during development, making it faster and more cost-efficient. 


What does it mean to innovate through the power of software?

OutSystems wants every company to be able to innovate through the power of software. AWS provides the services and underlying cloud infrastructure for OutSystems developers to create truly modern applications that enhance your customer experience, improve workforce productivity and automate business processes.

OutSystems has a comprehensive listing on the AWS Marketplace where curious customers can find out more and access this market-leading platform.