Hubway Connect 2.1 is available now

You can now use Hubway Connect to centralise your data from OutSystems and SQL database

Hubway Connect 2.1 is available now

You can now connect to your external SQL Server database created in Integration Studio with Hubway Connect. Securely access and build APIs to quickly explore data stored in both your OutSystems and SQL databases simultaneously.

No need to rebuild permissions with the newly added Multi-Tenancy feature

Hubway Connect 2.1 is available now

If you have Multi-Tenancy enabled in an OutSystems application, you can now leverage it in Hubway Connect without any additional work, improving your security and data governance. Use the Multi-Tenancy capability from OutSystems to segregate data using the same API – you won’t have to rebuild permissions.

Call your entities whatever you like

Hubway Connect 2.1 is available now

You can now give entity aliases names that make sense to be more relatable to business users. You’re no longer bound to existing database names. 

Improved UI to better engage with Entity Diagrams

Hubway Connect 2.1 is available now

With an improved User Experience and a new download as an image feature, you can easily identify the primary and foreign keys to better organise how your entities are related. As a bonus, you can now download Entity Diagrams.

Include Business Process Technology (BPT) Entities in your APIs

Hubway Connect 2.1 is available now

Get access to process and activity data in Outsystems BPT entities meta-model. Add relevant data relating to your business process to reports and dashboards to gain valuable insights.

Automatic conversion to DateTime

Some Data Extraction (ETL) tools struggled to convert Date and Time attributes to DateTime in OutSystems. Hubway can now convert Date attributes into DateTime… without the hassle.

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