How to become an OutSystems MVP

One of the highest acknowledgements an OutSystems developer can achieve is being given the title of OutSystems MVP (Most Valuable Professional). It’s no accident that PhoenixDX has 5 OutSystems MVPs… it’s deliberate. We are the only OutSystems partner in Australia with MVPs on the payroll, with 2 out of 5 in the top 25 worldwide.

Our MVPs are a vital part of PhoenixDX’s success and this is a key reason other fantastic professionals want to work with us. They lead a 70+ team of high-performance developers who deliver cutting-edge solutions in record time.

"I have the privilege of working with some of the best minds in software development. The mentorship I have received is helping me grow into a more complete software engineer."

At PhoenixDX our boundaries for innovation and creativity are constantly challenged by working with amazing high-performing teams on impactful projects.

What is an OutSystems MVP?

The OutSystems MVP Program was launched in 2016 to showcase and celebrate exceptional developers. OutSystems MVPs are exceptional developers whose expertise and contribution to the OutSystems Community are recognised by customers, partners and the OutSystems team. 

According to OutSystems, the key characteristics of an outstanding MVP are:


MVPs share their expertise beyond their company walls via technical sessions, blog posts and videos with the wider OutSystems Community. They build and share apps and components in the Forge, helping community members expand their knowledge and skill set.


MVPs are passionate about OutSystems! They inspire and motivate others to learn new skills and advance their careers. They speak at user groups and events, helping to grow their local OutSystems user community.


MVPs push themselves to learn everything there is to know about the OutSystems platform. Regardless of position or rank, they stay up-to-date with the latest technological developments and mentor and support others to get the most out of OutSystems.

At the time of publishing this article, out of the 641K OutSystems community members there are 69 OutSystems MVPs worldwide, and 5 of them work at PhoenixDX.


OutSystems community member


OutSystems MVPs worldwide

5 of them work at PhoenixDX

Meet our MVPs

Leonardo Fernandes

Head of Delivery + OutSystems MVP @ PhoenixDX


OutSystems Profile 

Medium Profile

Became MVP: 2016

Forge Assets: 43

Certifications: 7

Specialisations: 3

Community ranking: #2

About Leonardo:

Leonardo was always fascinated by technology and computers. In his early teens, he got his first computer with MS-DOS and Windows 3.11, and he didn’t stop until he had explored all of the commands and system menus. He went on to get his Computer Science and Engineering degree and yet he still wanted to know more. Leonardo has had a long and illustrious IT career, including building the OutSystems platform using .NET and Java and leading development teams in Portugal, Brazil and Australia. He is passionate about OutSystems and shares his knowledge with colleagues and the wider OutSystem community.

Joao Melo

Head of Product Delivery + OutSystems MVP @ PhoenixDX


OutSystems Profile 

Medium Profile

Became MVP: 2016

Forge Assets: 31

Certifications: 5

Specialisations: 2

Community ranking: #22

About Joao:

Joao got his Computer Science degree in 2005 and has always been involved in software development. He began coding in old-school technologies such as Delphi and web stack with languages like Java, PHO and .NET. He also worked extensively with databases like Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL. He fell in love with the Agile methodology while working in a consultancy in Brazil and then became frustrated with the slow pace of development using high-code platforms. In 2014, Joao was involved in an enormous project to deliver a national healthcare application. This is when he discovered the enormous benefits of developing applications with a high-performance low-code platform. He was blown away by how quickly he could deliver digital solutions and he’s never looked back. Watch Joao’s team story here.

Raphael Ranieri

Tech Lead + OutSystems MVP @ PhoenixDX


OutSystems Profile 

Medium Profile

Became MVP: 2021

Forge Assets: 27

Certifications: 8

Specialisations: 5

Community ranking: #95

About Raphael:

As a child, Raphael wanted to understand how chips, circuits and software worked. He decided to study programming languages which lead to a career in tech. After receiving his Bachelor of Computer Science, Raphael got a job with OutSystems. It was only once he started working with the company that he realised how awesome the technology was. In a short time period, he learnt so much, including a deep understanding of how things work in theory compared to real life. He then decided to focus his career on OutSystems. Raphael feels that learning various programming languages has accelerated his OutSystems knowledge.

John Salamat

Tech Lead + OutSystems MVP @ PhoenixDX


OutSystems Profile 

Became MVP: 2021

Forge Assets: 7

Certifications: 5

Specialisations: 2

Community ranking: #666

About John:

John grew up loving technology. Having access to his family’s Internet Cafe business, he had the opportunity to satisfy his curiosity about how computers and software worked. He studied technology graduating with a Bachelor of Computer Science and started working at OutSystems in the Philippines. He learnt so much about OutSystems and how to build applications right the first time – he knew this was going to be his career focus. John’s OutSystems career led him to move from the Philippines to Australia, where now lives with his family in Sydney.

Hanno Coetzee

Tech Lead + OutSystems MVP @ PhoenixDX


OutSystems Profile

Became MVP: 2019

Forge Assets: 14

Certifications: 6

Specialisations: 4

Community ranking: #40

About Hanno:

Hanno has a very logical and analytical mind and enjoys solving difficult problems. Working in tech gave him the ability to use this talent with tangible results. He knew he wanted to build solutions. Learning OutSystems allowed him to do this without having to constantly stay up-to-date with loads of different languages, tools and frameworks. Low-code was the way to go, but it was OutSystem’s market-leading platform that offered him the simplest path to a career in development. Hanno’s profession has brought him to Australia from South Africa, and he now lives in Sydney.

How can you become an OutSystems MVP?

If you are an experienced OutSystems developer and you want to follow the path of our MVPs, listen to their advice and work on raising your profile in the OutSystems Community. You must go the extra mile… just doing your job and being great at OutSystems will not get you noticed.

Leonardo: “Spend a considerable amount of time learning and exploring web technologies. At the bottom of the platform sits the browser, with its Javascript and CSS capabilities. You can and should harness that power. OutSystems developers that truly master web technologies are rare, and they can do wonders in a short amount of time.”

Joao: “Don’t work only to tick boxes… drive your work towards the value you bring your customers. This will make you a better developer”

Raphael: “Keep learning and go for the most difficult challenges without fear. Those are the ones that help you grow the most.”

John: “As Nike says – JUST DO IT! Explore and be curious. Spend time learning with the goal of helping others.”

Hanno: “Before diving into a problem, try to find the simplest solution. The Forge probably has a component that will solve the issue you need to resolve. So get involved in the OutSystems Community and ask and answer questions. It’s a great way to teach and learn at the same time.”

Nominations for the MVP program are currently closed, but it takes a while to get noticed so start working on your profile now. In the meantime, follow these 3 steps…

  • Learn: Master OutSystems and get loads of experience working with the product and become a certified developer. Getting certified proves your skill level.
  • Be a champion: Get hands-on experience and plug into the OutSystems Community. Sharing your knowledge helps others and raises your profile.
  • Get noticed: By being an active OutSystems Community member you will stand out. An OutSystems employee, an MVP or a Community member can nominate you when nominations open.

Find out more about the MVP process from OutSystems.

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