DX Forms

DX Forms

Build no-code custom forms in minutes

No development required! Business users can jump straight into DX Forms’ user-friendly interface and quickly build and customise sophisticated forms.

A better way for OutSystems customers to accelerate form creation

DX Forms is a forms builder that simplifies and speeds-up form creation, allowing forms to be seamlessly embedded within OutSystems applications. This accelerator saves time and money, boosting productivity by enabling business users to create, customise and manage dynamic forms.

Reduces development cost

Builds dashboards and reports that unlock valuable data insights

Gains mobility with web & mobile access, online and offline

Builds as many forms as you need at no extra cost

Obtains complete security and governance over company data

Main features

Offline data capture

Responsive data capture

Form composer

Governance and security


Version control


Validation before deployment​

File Upload

Form Cloning

Data Extract

Built-in compliance

Problems solved

Workflow solutions

Without development, business users can utilise DX Forms to create forms that can integrate into workflow processes.

User feedback

Organisations can use DX Forms to collect feedback on their products, services and solutions, enabling evolution and enhancement.

Field services

DX Forms’ offline capabilities and data synchronisation engine allows business users to create forms suited to field services and remote operations in areas with limited or no connectivity.

Any data collection

Business users can employ DX Forms to collect any required information accessible from any application.

“DX Forms allows us to create custom forms and questionnaires used in our patient journeys. The forms are easily customised to suit the needs of a business user to understand a particular step in the patient journey. DX Forms also allows us to set up different user access levels, ensuring that only the necessary information is captured. Additionally, DX Forms integrates with our application, allowing seamless data transfer and real-time data processing.”

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