[e-Book] – Building Digital Financial Services

How the financial services industry is capitalising on the power of high-performance, low-code development platform

You can rapidly build and deploy Digital Financial Services such as mobile finance and banking, digital lending platforms and automated compliance with high-performance low-code! A high-performance, low-code platform is ideally suited to support real-time service delivery, interactive UIs, workflow orchestration, and data model management across a horizon of modern infrastructure connectors.

Read the e-book to find out more about how:

Over 80% of customers are using digital payments

Predictions for embedded banking growth are estimated to be $400 billion across both embedded payments and embedded lending by 2030

75% of operations such as acquisition/onboarding, credit underwriting, and servicing can be automated, according to McKinsey & Company estimation

You can rapidly build and deploy Digital Financial Services. Download this OutSystems e-book now.

Customer Stories

Western Union launches next Generation Digital Banking Services in 11 months on OutSystems

In just 11 months, Western Union built digital customer experiences, back-office, and workflow solutions to launch new digital banking services. Read the full case study here.

“We estimate that we’re getting  new products to market at least twice as fast as competitors, and we’re probably using a tenth of the resources.”

– Tom Mazzaferro, Chief Data and innovation Officer, Western Union

My Pepper Money delivers a self-service Unified Customer Portal in under 6 months

In under 6 months, My Pepper Money increased customer satisfaction, reduced inbound customer service calls and improved customer acquisition with a Unified Customer Portal.  Read the full case study here.