WebXR Measure: Revolutionising Mobile Measurements with Augmented Reality

The ODC Forge-athon 2024 was a great showcase of innovation, bringing together some of the brightest minds in the OutSystems community to create impactful components. The second-place winner, “WebXR Measure,” demonstrates the spirit of this event by offering a practical solution for mobile app users. 

Developed by Arshad Raza, Damini Rajput, Nikhil Kumar Vijay, Prince Kumar, and mentored by PhoenixDX’s John Salamat, “WebXR Measure” allows users to integrate a measuring tool quickly into their mobile applications using augmented reality (AR).Their combined efforts and expertise led to the creation of a Forge component that significantly enhances the functionality of mobile applications, providing a seamless and user-friendly way to measure objects in real-time.

Introducing WebXR Measure

“WebXR Measure” leverages the WebXR Device API, which supports both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) on real devices. This Forge component enables users to integrate a measuring tool into their mobile applications effortlessly. The tool is designed to be simple yet powerful, allowing users to measure dimensions accurately and efficiently without needing physical measuring tools.

Key Features of WebXR Measure

Easy Integration

The “WebXR Measure” component is designed for quick and easy integration into mobile applications. Developers can add a simple block to their app, enabling AR measurement functionalities instantly. This ease of integration makes it a valuable addition to any app requiring measurement capabilities.

Real-Time Measurement

With “WebXR Measure,” users can measure the dimensions of various objects in real-time using their mobile device’s camera. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where physical measuring tools are unavailable or impractical.

Screenshot Functionality

In addition to measuring dimensions, the component allows users to take screenshots of their measurements. This feature is useful for documenting and sharing measurements, whether for personal records or professional purposes.


Practical Use Cases

The versatility of “WebXR Measure” makes it applicable in numerous industries and scenarios:

Everyday Measurements

Users can measure everyday items like laptop screens, mobile displays, and household objects quickly and easily. This functionality is beneficial for both personal and professional use, making it convenient to obtain precise measurements on the go.

Construction and Real Estate

In the construction and real estate industries, “WebXR Measure” can be used to measure building heights, brick dimensions, and floor plans. This capability helps professionals obtain accurate measurements without the need for traditional measuring tools, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency.

Interior Design and Home Improvement

For interior designers and home improvement enthusiasts, the component can measure furniture dimensions, room sizes, and other elements crucial for planning and designing spaces. This application simplifies the process of determining whether furniture fits in a particular space or how to arrange items effectively.


How It Works

The “WebXR Measure” component works by utilising the camera on a mobile device to capture real-time measurements. Users simply add the measurement block to their application and point the camera at the object they wish to measure. The component then provides accurate dimensions, which can be saved or shared via screenshots.


Benefits of WebXR Measure

Innovation and Convenience

While similar functionality exists through native device apps like the Measure app on iOS, the “WebXR Measure” component’s ability to integrate into OutSystems-built apps is both innovative and practical. It brings a new level of convenience to users by embedding measurement capabilities directly within the apps they use.

Wide Applicability

The component’s usefulness extends across various industries, making it a versatile tool for professionals and non-professionals alike. Whether for basic household measurements or more complex applications in construction and design, “WebXR Measure” provides a reliable solution.

User-Friendly Design

The component’s design focuses on ease of use, allowing users to quickly measure objects using their mobile phone’s camera without needing extensive technical knowledge. This user-friendly approach ensures that the tool is accessible to a broad audience.


The Forge-athon Journey

“WebXR Measure” was developed as part of the ODC Forge-athon 2024, a series of four virtual events designed to foster innovation and collaboration within the OutSystems community. The competition kicked off on April 30, 2024, and culminated in a showcase event on June 4, 2024. Teams were judged on their technical approach, innovation, experience, use case relevance, and demo storytelling.

The ODC Forge-athon was a great opportunity for learning how to develop components on ODC and working with peers in the industry. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the judges, OutSystems Community Manager Sahiba Gulati, the mentors (Leonardo Fernandes, John Salamat, Raphael Ranieri, Hanno Coetzee, and Stuart Harris), all participants, and OutSystems for their support and dedication.

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