Reactive for OutSystems Developers


3 days full-time


Associate Reactive Developer


AU $2,745 (exc. GST)

Upskill your OutSystems traditional web experience and dive into the fundamentals of reactive apps.



Boost your OutSystems career while diving into the fundamentals of OutSystems reactive apps

This 3-day instructor-led course dives into specific concepts of reactive web apps.

Our skilled, certified trainers will explain in detail how reactive apps work and how they differ from traditional web apps. The course’s curriculum focuses on concepts like UI design and development, screen logic and security.



OutSystems Reactive Foundations

3 days

This module uses a mix of theory and hands-on exercises to teach OutSystems development core features. It will be supported by the OutSystems Developer Online Class with several tasks involving self-study, with a trainer available in the classes to help and support participants. Complementary sessions with presentations and exercises will put your knowledge into practice. At the end of the module, there will be a technical assessment.



This course is specifically designed for certified OutSystems traditional web developers looking to expand their knowledge into reactive web. For a smoother and more complete learning experience we recommend you check out the OutSystems Overview online course, before attending this training. It takes approximately 45 minutes to watch the 7 short online videos.


What do you need?

Your laptop with Service Studio installed. A few days before the boot camp, you will receive detailed instructions with all the information you need.


Why is this course relevant?

OutSystems reactive web applications take advantage of modern web features. Unlike server-side rendered apps, reactive web reacts to any user interaction, scaling much better under heavy loads and leading to a smoother user experience. Enrolling in this course will help you explore this approach and take on reactive web projects.

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