JavaScript for OutSystems Developers


2.5 Days Part-Time


No Certificate


AU $2,500 (exc. GST)

Gain fluency in Javascript in the OutSystems platform, leveraging its versatility and delivering excellent User Experience.



Take your UIs up a notch and gain Javascript fluency

Javascript for OutSystems Developers is an intensive program guiding you through advanced Javascript topics. Hence, in the end, you will be able to leverage its capabilities to complement the OutSystems UI built-in features.

Further, it results in more robust, interactive, and appealing UIs providing a better User Experience through and through.The industry-best instructor will focus on presenting a quick introduction to Javascript and subsequently exploring in detail advanced topics and how they interact with the OutSystems Platform.



JavaScript in OutSystems

2.5 DAYS

JavaScript in the OutSystems module is focused on advanced content to teach the best practices to use JavaScript in the platform. This module will be delivered exclusively in virtual classroom mode with a partial tie schedule.



For this Specialisation program, it is required to have OutSystems programming experience. It is also recommended to have experience in different technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and understanding object oriented languages like Java or C#.


What do you need?

Your laptop with Service Studio installed. A few days before the Boot Camp, you will receive detailed instructions with all the information you need.

Although there are no mandatory prerequisites, for a smoother and more complete learning experience we recommend following the OutSystems Overview online course, before attending this training. It takes approximately 45 minutes to watch the 7 short online videos.


Why is this program relevant?

According to Stack Overflow’s 2021 Developer Survey, JavaScript is currently the most commonly-used language in the world (65%). Combine that with the fact that, according to Gartner, by 2023, over 50% of medium to large enterprises will have adopted a Low-code Application Platform (LCAP) as one of their strategic application platforms. Hence, learning how to use Javascript in the OutSystems Platform will empower you or your teams to design, develop, and deliver modern apps to provide a top-notch User Experience.

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