Create applications that improve efficiency and win business

The future for Field Services is here, but it isn’t evenly distributed…

Your customers and field agents alike are demanding real-time and personalised services and capabilities, creating opportunities for self-service and new digital customer experiences. Service delivery is becoming a crucial part of the customer experience and technology strategies will determine winners and losers in the Field Service market. Does your company know how to respond?

There is no such thing as “plug-and-play” in Field Service Management

Delivering integrated mobile and desktop applications play an essential role in how you improve your customer experience, increase your efficiency and differentiate from your competition.

Our customers have seen success by implementing strategies that revolve around creating omnichannel engagement options for customers. This has dramatically increased the customer’s visibility into the entire service lifecycle and empowered field agents to properly diagnose and address issues. Additionally, this enables field agents and back-office customer service agents to respond faster and more accurately to customer requests.


The challenge for all Field Service organisations is to find an “off-the-shelf” software package that meets all of these evolving needs for your customers and operations agents – it’s hard.

Traditional Field Service Management software vendors have established capability in certain focus areas (such as automated scheduling and planning, or service desk management) but tend to not cover other critical areas in the value chain. Taking the approach of attempting to customise these “off-the-shelf” offerings and integrating them into your specific operations systems invariably leads to long project timelines, high resource cost and an inability to benefit from feature upgrades to the original software. For these reasons, many field service organisations choose to develop their own software.

However, building software using traditional software development methods is slow, labour intensive and expensive. There is a better way.

A better way to delight your customers, empower your field agents, and deliver the results your business needs – all in weeks, not months

PhoenixDX delivers omnichannel, integrated applications for Field Service organisation’s customers, employees, and contractors in a matter of weeks. We do this by leveraging our deep experience in successful complex solution delivery utilising the industry-leading OutSystems platform.

Ultimately, we accelerate and simplify the process of going from idea to results, with a combination of top talent, proven processes, and the best tools in the market.

With PhoenixDX and OutSystems you don’t need to disrupt your entire organisation and systems environment in order to create game-changing field service mobile and desktop applications that work exactly the way you and your customers need.

Utilising the OutSystems platform, we can rapidly create or adapt user interfaces, business rules, data structures and business processes in your bespoke solutions – ensuring that your customer and operations applications are future-proof, adapting to your changing requirements and keeping pace with a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

In the same way, we make integration with existing and new systems easy. Our developers can visually configure integration connectors to your existing systems in a fraction of the time it would take to write (and rewrite) traditional custom code.

Rapidly adapt to your customer’s demands

Utilising modern platforms and skills you can make changes within hours, updating your customer and field agent solutions without the need to continually reinstall and redeploy applications, and support a wide range of mobile devices through a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) strategy.

Field Service visibility in real-time

By integrating real-time data from multiple sources (including your existing systems) into your back office solutions, you will have up-to-the-minute views of your customer, as well your team’s interactions with that customer – with complete visibility into enriched data such as the location, work status, asset tracking and awareness of related operational items such as inventory or parts levels.

First-class user experience

In the modern world, pixel perfect high quality user experiences for your customers and field agents are non-negotiable. Mobile device screens, menus, buttons, and screen sizes are in constant flux, leaving traditional traditional application developers scrambling.

Utilising our technology platform and practices, you get powerful back office solutions paired with mobile applications that work offline and use native device features such as signature capture, voice-to-text, facial recognition, and so on – all to deliver a first-class user experience.

Future-proof your digital strategy

Applications built by PhoenixDX with OutSystems leverage global-standard architectures and frameworks – no proprietary components, runtime engines, or interpreters required. Your new field service solutions are generated into a fully open, standard, optimized, and documented set of server and client components. OutSystems regularly add support for new mobile operating systems so you can keep up with the pace of change effortlessly, and dramatically reduce technology debt.

How to create technician and customer experiences that improve efficiency and win business

The future is here, but it’s not evenly distributed… Customers are demanding real-time and personalised services, creating opportunities for self-service and new digital customer experiences. Service delivery is becoming a crucial part of the customer experience and technology strategies may determine winners and losers in the market. Does your company know how to respond?

In this presentation, Juan Martin, Director and Co-founder at PhoenixDX, talks about how organisations like yours are creating unified digital experiences for customers and employees that increase operational efficiency and competitive advantage to win new business. 

Certis Story

We had 5 weeks to deliver an application or otherwise we wouldn’t win a new contract. PhoenixDX accepted the challenge and developed it in 4 weeks. The client was really pleased with the results. It surpassed all their expectations about what we could do and how quickly we could do it

Ying Loong Lee

Managing Director, Certis Security Business