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Rapid deployment of an ‘Uber Eats’ style app scales RRT’s Food Box delivery to families affected by COVID-19
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The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) is a global charitable organisation specialising in providing food in times of crisis: fire, flood earthquakes – and pandemics.

The Challenge

Using emails and spreadsheets to manage the complex and time-pressured logistics was no longer working for RRT. They turned to PhoenixDX for a large-scale project called Connect, using OutSystems to replace existing legacy systems. In Australia, the rapid onset of the pandemic meant they needed automated system to manage the food deliveries – and they needed it up and running as quickly as possible.

While the humanitarian organisation had previously been delivering food boxes to victims of domestic violence, the pandemic required them to scale up operations and act as an emergency food bank for people and families in self-quarantine, self-isolation or those struggling to access food supplies.

The PhoenixDX Solution

PhoenixDX worked with RRT to build the RRT Food Box Delivery Application. The application allocates Government’s support requests to RRT’s queue and matches them to the nearest distribution site. Deliveries are optimised into delivery runs. The volunteers receive notifications and have access to a summary of key details like the number of boxes, distance and duration, amongst others, to ensure optimal efficiency in delivering the RRT Food Boxes. The volunteers accept the task, drive to the destination, deliver the boxes and take a photograph as proof of delivery. RRT and the client can track deliveries in almost real-time.



In the first five months of the COVID crisis, RRT delivered over 4,000 food boxes to families affected by COVID-19.

Using the PhoenixDX-built app, RRT can now rapidly scale its Food Box delivery service while exceeding the service level requirements of government and partners.

What They Say

“The RRT Food Box app allows us to respond to wherever the demand is quickly and efficiently, which we will eventually look to rollout around the country.”

– Dan Alderton, National Operations Manager, Rapid Relief Team Ltd (RRT) Australia

“We are a company that works with disruptive technology to build customised, mission-critical systems in weeks (not months or years). Helping RRT deal with COVID-19 was a chance to deploy our strengths in a cause we all believed in. It became part of our social responsibility program and I am extremely proud we could deliver in record time to help RRT with their humanitarian effort.”

– Pedro Carrilho, Managing Director, PhoenixDX

“Agility is a critical part of RRT’s role and OutSystems is one of the fastest low-code platforms in the market. This made it possible to rapidly create secure and user-friendly applications, which ensured that this critical humanitarian aid could be delivered to people in their time of need. We mobilised all resources needed to ensure RRT would have a tailor-made application in record time.”

– Paul Arthur, Vice President for ANZ, OutSystems

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