MyCred - Onboarding credentialing application

MyCred: Onboarding credentialing application for global employment agency

Customisable workflow application automates and streamlines candidate credentialing and onboarding process

MyCred: Onboarding credentialing application for global employment agency

Customisable workflow application automates and streamlines candidate credentialing and onboarding process
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Our customer is a leading global provider of essential public services in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Initially established in the UK in 1929, the FTSE250 company currently operates in various sectors: defence, engineering, healthcare, immigration, justice, technology, and transport. 

This £3 billion business handles over 600 contracts and employs more than 50,000 people worldwide. In the Asia Pacific, our customer employs more than 16,000 people across Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong and has over 30 years of experience delivering essential services on behalf of public sector customers.

The Challenge

To successfully fulfil contract obligations, our customer needs to identify and address the unique prerequisites and differences in onboarding processes and protocols for each contract. They needed to recruit a wide variety of roles, from nurses and doctors to janitors and security guards. Each function has a unique set of requirements, regulations and supporting documentation, and it is crucial to track them all.

MyCred - Challenge

In Australia, the Workforce Compliance & Training team had to fulfil an increasing number of contracts. They were credentialing candidates and onboarding new employees using manual processes and non-integrated tools.

Their team received applicant information via email and tracked progress via Excel spreadsheets. It was challenging for them to keep track of applicant documentation, and they needed to maintain multiple spreadsheets and documents to monitor application progress and status. Spreadsheets had to be updated and transferred into the rostering system several times daily. Everyone else was locked out when a team member had already opened a specific spreadsheet.

"Our spreadsheet was getting unmanageable. We relied a lot on people needing to do things in it and not being able to get into it. If someone's not compliant, it has a financial implication for us. It impacts our ability to roster them, and it's critical to our contract that we manage it accurately. Our old systems were limited, messy, and clunky. We needed a platform that could understand and respect the complexity of our contracts."

– Workforce Compliance & Training Manager.

The absence of real-time access to current data slowed down the movement of applicants through the onboarding process. The lack of integration, centralisation and automation over the entire process was a risk for the organisation. They needed a tailored solution fast.

The PhoenixDX Solution

This onboarding credentialling application was built to consolidate, centralise and automate their credentialing and onboarding process. It is a highly configurable, flexible and comprehensive solution that accommodates the variety and complexity of the diverse roles they need to recruit.

Batch status updating and notifications dramatically reduce investigation time. Once all participants have completed their sections, the system generates a document including all relevant information.

MyCred - Product Demo

This customer has ensured that all required information is quickly captured, and users are reminded of their tasks by tracking and automating the process. Documentation is collated and available when needed. In addition, user permission levels ensure appropriate access to sensitive information. A dashboard facilitates efficient management of the entire process.

“This system addresses exactly what we need. It allows us to adapt it across contracts and clients' complex needs. It is a sound, solid application solution that manages what we needed from both the candidate and employee perspective.”

– Workforce Compliance & Training Manager.


"The system is completely configurable. From data points, compliance items, and credentials to stages, milestones, and role access – we can set them up, identify what should go where and track accordingly. This allows us to have a direction – to know what we were up to, who was responsible for which item, and what changes or actions are needed.”

– Workforce Compliance & Training Manager.