Case Study

Universal customer portal for non-bank lender leverages AWS API Gateway

AWS + OutSystems make the data exchange between the unified portal and its underlying systems fast and secure.
Pepper Money, a consumer finance company, provides various financial solutions, specialising in Personal Loans, Consumer/Commercial Asset Finance and Mortgages.
With AWS + OutSystems + PhoenixDX, you simplify the use of AWS Services and fully realise your digital ambitions by building, running and scaling apps at speed

The Challenge

Pepper Money had a different customer portal for each loan type – meaning a customer with a mortgage, car and personal loan would need to access three different platforms to manage their loans, each with a different login and user interface.

My Pepper Money: Universal Customer Portal enables customer self-service

To offer a more competitive service, they needed to unify these platforms into a single portal and design a best-in-class experience for their customers.

The Solution

My Pepper Money developed a sleek and easy-to-use Universal Customer Portal (UCP) in less than 6 months. The My Pepper portal allows customers to self-manage their personal details and loans, reducing calls to customer service centres, while increasing overall cross-sell, customer acquisition and retention.

To ensure the secure, reliable exchange of data between Pepper Money’s back-end systems without creating individual Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for each system, they decided to use AWS API Gateway. Implementing individual VPNs would have added time to the project and they would have been difficult to manage. Given that OutSystems and AWS are seamlessly integrated, the exchange of data between the UCP and the 11 systems it integrates, with is fast and secure.

My Pepper Money: Universal Customer Portal enables customer self-service

The Results

AWS services used

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